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But they...

But they lived in an era before science could provide overwhelming evidence that the Bible was false. If they were alive today and had access to the body of knowledge of modern civilization, I would bet that they would see things differently. Plus, who knows what indoctrination those individuals endured as children in an effort to brainwash them?

Fast forward 200 years. Both Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking were/are atheists.

Anybody who isn't an atheist simply hasn't done their homework.

There may be a GOD but until there is evidence of such, I will not engage in superstition.

PS: Why were there so many "miracles" 2000 years ago like wheels within wheels, walking on water, turning water into wine, angels appearing, people turning to pillars of salt etc. but there are none today? Well, 50 years ago there was a huge number of UFO sightings and people who claimed to have seen them often expressed regret that they did not have a camera at the sighting time so they could have taken a photo. Nowadays, when nearly every adult has a cell phone camera with them most of the time, we don't hear about as many UFO sightings, for anyone making such a claim now might be asked why they didn't take a photo.

In an information age, such ruses are harder to pull-off.

Conclusion: Your argument is off-point and carries little persuasive power.