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The reason that this whole

The reason that this whole argument where we list good athiests or bad athiests, good christians or bad ones is about as constructive as monkeys trying to @#$% a football is because the argument starts from a logical falacy.

It isn't that your a chrisitan or an athiest that makes you a good or bad person. Its wether your are collectivist or individualist. Its wether you believe you have the right to use force against people, or wether you respect non-aggression principals.

There are individualist athiests and christians, there are collectivists athiests and christians.

You resolve nothing if you cannot recognise this fact. In the battle for human liberty, we have to draw battle lines. We are shooting ourselves in the foot when we draw them incorrectly. Much like D's and R's fail because they draw the line between themselves rather than between collectivists and individualists.

christianity bugs me, I admit it. But I would rather have a single christian individualist on my side in the trenches than 10,000 athiest collectivists.