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Faith-based minds are the

Faith-based minds are the soil in which all other myths may take root. Humans are conditioned from the moment they are born to accept ridiculous and impossible things based on faith. Everything from Santa Clause to the god myth. It is this early brainwashing that makes communism, socialism and our own facist systems possible. It is this conditioning that allows a person to turn on the main-stream media, and believe the repugnant lies they are being told on faith, because they "trust" the news much like they "trusted" their religeous leader and believed the nonsense they were being told had to be true since it came from a "reliable, trustworthy" source. They have elected to arrive at conclusions based on "faith" instead of reason. Instead of questioning authority.

We treat "faith" as a virtue and admonish "reason" as an attribute of skeptics and conspiracy theorists.

If you think that the modern statest is not deeply religous, you are wrong. They have the exact same sort of mind many christians do, they've simply replaced "god" with "the state."

This is why we fail.