Comment: I could agree with your premise, if you hadn't brought in . . .

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I could agree with your premise, if you hadn't brought in . . .

WWII and Japan. Japan is not evil; Japan was never evil. There were some evil military leaders and an emperor who had been taught that he would be obeyed--

There was a culture that was homogenous. Japan was not evil. Russia was not evil, though there were evil Russians, just as there are now evil Israelis and evil Americans.

I was with you for the first few paragraphs, because you could say this about any country, any people--

the bottom line is that there is no lofty "West" that is better than an "East"--

Where I saw your logic break down, well, or where I began to disagree with your logic was where you admitted that *you* believe the cultures of Israel and America to be superior to the cultures of any of the Asian/Eastern countries (including Eastern Europe)--

That's when I realized that you believe in "Judeo-Christian" superiority--

and, though I am a Christian, I do not.

Those two religions have caused a lot of war and heartache--

and the actions of all of the covert agencies and bureaus from all the 'western' nations pressed Japan into a hard place. Yes, Japan became aggressive, but no more aggressive than America has been--

at least Japan was honest about wanting to take over the world and didn't pretend to be 'spreading democracy'--

oh well--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--