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who said that the people who WROTE the Bible were illiterate? Who do you think was the first person who was literate in the Bible? Is this something you just heard or do you have a source that says that the people God talked to were illiterate?

The dead seas scrolls pretty much prove that the scripture has not been rewritten.

In reality the pagan roman emperor wrote a letter to alaxandria egypt had them send origins "copies" of the bible (plus his revisions) to the emperor who then put his stamp of approval on them and said rome was now christian.

If you do not accept Jesus as saviour you will burn and suffer for eternity, you do not have to believe every word of the Bible, seriously lots and lots of christians do not believe every word of the Bible (I believe that they have been deceived, heck the first thing the devil does in the Bible is make eve doubt what God said).

Evolution and the big bang theory are two poorly made hypothesis that are related because they both try to express how all of creation was made naturally, even though both theories are full of ideas that would require, for them to be true, that they break the laws of physics (thermodynamics to be specific)

as I understand it the big bang (to use your word) theory states that everything originated from nothing. although another big bang (to use your word) theory states that the universe will contract and blow up and we will have an infinite cycle of big bangs.