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While I hesitate to bring such a divisive and insane thread back up (my goodness it is funny what pisses some people off around here, I genuinely worry about some of these people’s blood pressure lol), I did want to comment really quick.

Carl Sagan is kind of a genius. I think he would have been really interesting to talk to. I’ve always been a little jealous because he got to design Voyagers golden record. Basically he got to play DJ for the universe. He included whale sounds and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode. When asked why Johnny B Goode he said music was math and that song specifically was especially drenched in math, and math is one of the few (perhaps only?) constants of the universe.

Yes, I am a little wide eyed when it comes to space. I understand reality and logic, I just don’t like reality all the time so I make up my own reality. Thank you for taking a minute to indulge that reality and for playing mod a little bit up there, I don’t have the energy to deal with some of the bullshit that goes on around here sometimes.

Hope you had a nice weekend, I’ll leave you with this. You may have already seen/heard this, but if not I think the sounds are amazing.