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Comment: Thank you Michael,

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Thank you Michael,

that was wonderful. It is so true. It is the main reason I have so much respect for Ron Paul, his life. He has truly lived his beliefs. We must do the same. It seems that it is so frustrating in politics that we seem to have so little effect. But, in my life of raising 6 children, homeschooling them, teaching them love, and liberty, and how to live, and now with their children, my 21 grandchildren, all being taught the same, I have hope that it did make a difference, much more than fighting the political system. I am soon to go to my first grandchild's wedding, and he is marrying a Christian, loving girl, a liberty lover, from a Ron Paul loving family.
Your post has made me feel like I have made a difference. Maybe not as much as Ron Paul, but these liberty loving children, and grandchildren are the future. Michael, your work will go down with love too, and is making a difference.