Comment: Pelosi does, but not for the reasons here...

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Pelosi does, but not for the reasons here...

I hate Nancy Pelosi but for different reasons, such as:

. Declaring Impeachment is "off the table" to spare Bush & Cheney from any official exposure of their Illegal Wars and Human Torture.
. For pretending to want to end the Iraq War, and then supporting and promoting War Funding Bills.
. For supporting the Trillion Dollar Bank Bailouts.
. For pretending to "hold the line" on things, and then simply doing whatever Obama or Bush want her to do.

She's a totally bought-off & phony "progressive". But this interview is mostly accurate...the GOP is completely nuts and corrupt.

The GOP is basically only what FOX News and Rush Limbaugh put on the Airwaves today. And they have Gerrymandered Congressional races to create auto-win seats for themselves. These things are all quite true.

Being opposed to all aspects of Government, except for Trillion Dollar Global Warfare, and Police-Statism, and Concentration Camps, and Torture, and Authoritarian policies, and Bailouts to Corporations is exactly what the GOP is. They are the Party that is most brazenly and transparently only for the Rich and for the Global Elites and strong defenders of Corporate Corruption, and against the interests of average folks.

Not that Pelosi is a whole lot better, but the criticism here against
the GOP is entirely valid.

I don't think you would see Ron Paul defending the GOP.