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I watched a documentary with

I watched a documentary with Buckminster Fuller the other day, and he was talking about how outdated our language is, how far behind it lags our understanding of science. The example he used was the words "up" and "down." We have had the understanding that the earth is not flat for over 400 years, and yet still we point to the sky and say it is "up," when in fact, it is "out." There is no up and down, only in and out.

When I first heard it, I thought he was nitpicking and it really wasn't that important. But after a while I realized he's right. We're using false labels. And as long as we continue to use false labels, we will continue to fail to see the truth. In fact we will be blinded to the issue at hand.

Perfectly said. I had never considered this perspective as it pertains to "up" vs "out", but you can be sure it is -- now -- exactly how I will teach my children.

And you are perfectly accurate in observing that this drives at what my point is.