Comment: This just confirms what I have been saying...

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This just confirms what I have been saying...

There is no free-market dynamics at work here, or accountability.

Silver (and also Gold) are not only systematically rigged, but our wholly corrupt Court System will always protect JP Morgan, and the Banksters against any change or penalty that would un-rig this marketplace.

Therefore, Silver is never going to go to 100 (or whatever some people have been predicting and saying).

It is fixed (rigged) to just thrash around in whatever range the Banksters want to it thrash around in. And if it ever starts to move up.....well, you know the rest.

Silver was at $49.50 -- 2 whole years ago, and has never been remotely close to that figure for the last two years. And, it will never be even that high again. They control it.