Comment: Hate, more like Love to.

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Hate, more like Love to.

Claiming something is a fact doesn't make it so, just a subjective opinion of yours.

"If you believe in reason, don't you believe in dealing with facts?"

Blind statement of the day? If you know these threads cause contention and turn people off then why not deal with it in a mature manner and have the discipline not to post?

As far as you invoking RP and atheists, Ron Paul has the unimpeachable integrity not to use his personal beliefs to sway others, and Ron Paul was the one of the very few candidates that held the support of atheists due to that fact and his adherence to individual liberty.

Sadly, religious convictions supersede reason and promote counter productive behavior on this forum. Just take a look at the xtian circle jerk up/down voting and the arrogant belief that they have the monopoly on RP support, Liberty, and if they are the majority have some unspoken privilege over what beliefs are acceptable. Grow the fuck up and consider what your behavior is actually doing to the liberty movement.

Daily Paul at this rate will just be another exclusive, ineffective, dying click like the GOP. Swallow that pill.