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Comment: The fun part is that

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The fun part is that

our Constitution deteriorated with the help of the mainstream church.

It is all about ideas. And only intellectuals, on average, generate and promote ideas. In 1776, there were only few local intellectuals in America. Those were people of enlightenment who believed in god, but not in the Bible per say or Trinity. In addition, leaders of local religious communities were against European mainstream church tyranny which they escaped.

During the late 19th century and the beginning of 20th two things occurred. 1) Public education created many intellectuals. 2) European immigration brought in the European mainstream churches. Both socialists and religious share the same morality - a) Utopia; b) blind belief; c) thinking based on feelings rather than reason; d) sacrifice of individual to a society or universal neighbor. Nazi slogan was the same - "the common good before the private good."