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"No one is "appearing to agree" that Ron is extreme and unreasonable"

It's been said a thousand times here on Daily Paul that Ron couldn't win because he was too idealistic and his foreign policy and domestic views will never be accepted by mainstream republicans.

And all the snickering about Rand's "secret" plan to moderate his words to appeal to those with neocon, zionist and evangelical sensibilities. Even the mainstream media sources openly discuss it.

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"Rockwell and Woods are being inconsistent as anarchists when they support politicians"

How so? It is perfectly coherent for an anarchist to work with minarchist politicians because minarchism is way closer to their goal of anarchism than the heavily statist system that arose in the 20th century. Rothbard for decades encouraged an alliance between ancaps and the Old Right and Rothbard FOUNDED the Taft Club and Taft was certainly no anarchist.

Restricting anarchist advocacy to only "100% anarchy or nothing!" and then yelling "hypocrite!" at them is a classic straw man with a dash of ad hominem.

I'm not against political compromise with other democratically competing groups at all. I'm against not being completely honest and forthright about ones true philosophies and beliefs in order to gain votes and political offices. Many Ron Paul supporters decided to support him even though they disagree with him on several issues because they admired his character and heartfelt honesty. When Ron Paul crafted legislative compromises with those across the aisle he was completely and eagerly open about any disagreements.

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"This convo hasn't even been about Ron"

You didn't object to anarchists here on Daily Paul a couple comments up by appealing to Ron not being one? :) He's certainly hung out with them, worked with them politically and befriended them for decades and continues to hang out with them.

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