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I was baptised Catholic when I was a baby, but neither of my parents were Catholic, or Christian. My Mother would have been, but my father had become an objectivist and was every much a zeolot in his passionate hatred of all religious people and things.

I ran away from home as a teen, and sought God.. wound up joining a traveling gospel group, "Christ is the Answer", wore long dresses and a big cross, carried a Bible, and went door to door asking people to come to our gospel tent, where the majority talked in tongues, and every night there was baptisms. One of the best things was going to many different Churches on Sundays.

During the mass, when the people would go kinda crazy, praying, crying, laughing, praising, talking in touges, I would stand there and pray that God make me like that. I would stand there and pray and pray, and God never did make me act like that. So every night I was baptised. I guess I was baptized about 40 times. I spent my free time roaming the streets telling people they needed to repent and would have people get on their knees and pray with me. I regret this.. because what I think I was really trying to do was save myself. From there I went into Eastern Religions, cults and eventually went back home and accepted Ayn Rand as my savior, which made my Dad happy.

It was when my Mother died, and my Father disowned me, my God Mother, an Aunt who had talked my Mother into having me baptised, suggested I get back into Church.

She took me to her cathedral where Mass was in Latin. When it came time for communion, she told me to cross my arms and get a blessing from the preist. I got in line in front of her, crossed my arms as she instructed, and when it was my turn, the Deacon instructed me to take communion. My Aunt was livid!

When we were about to leave, Thank God, the Deacon came over to me and apologized in front of my Aunt for instructing me to take communion. Then she glared at him and not me. But that communion was meant to be. It was as if God said: "YOU ARE HOME! WELCOME HOME!!" I began attending Mass at the local Catholic Church. For months I went every Sunday and didn't really understand what was going on. No one really even spoke to me. When they began RICA I began attending to prepare for my first communion and confirmation. I suggest ALL ADULT Catholics should attend. I served as Lecturer.. and then one day, the Litergical director dropped his papers in a gust of wind, and I helped him pick them up, and the idea struck me, that in choir I could learn mass.. so I followed him up to the chior, and though I hadn't sung in decades.. I tried.. and kept going back..

I've now done my first communion and confiramtion, and today, I'm very active, Lecturor, Choir, Cantor and volunteer for most everything. Some say I have brought a "new life" into our Church, or that the holy spirit has a grip on me.. or today I was told that our Church is becoming more like a Baptist Church because I'm shaking tamborines and way into Gospel.. This was our exit song and I felt Mehalia Jackson was smilng on me A friend came up after, laughing.. said three women sitting by him.. one says, "Let's go", and another says, "Let's go make a differnce", and the third said, "Let's make a difference in the world". :-))

I belong to Mendocino Christian Women's Association, and we have affordable luncheons, go to each other's Church's, have programs and do community work.. as you may know I volunteers at our Parrish Hall Soup Kitchen, we are opening three classrooms up to the community for teaching Children how to garden and cook.

As for the committee work.. mine was not too swift on me when I first showed up because I was so RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL. But I kept showing up.. and though we've had our tough moments, I stuck it out and now things are very different..

LOVE IS THE ANSWER Jesus Christ God Bless you! <3