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"My best guess is that he

"My best guess is that he goes through the motions but deep down in his heart knows it is all a bunch a crap."

mbennett making his guess. If you are correct, him acting one way while believing another, then this doesn't help much in the credibility department.

"I, unlike many here, do not engage in hero-worship."
Come now, I suspect that you do. The hero is no other than mbennett his own-self.

"Dr. Paul's political and economic philosophy is admirable but if he really believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, then he needs to see a psychiatrist."

I think you need to learn the difference between psychological issues, and basic worldviews. They can certainly collide and interact in various ways, but the mere adoption of a particular presuppositional framework does not make for a diagnosis of a psychological problem. If you think that it does, then perhaps what is needed is some classes in psychology for you, rather than a psychiatrist for Paul. A refresher course in basic philosophy wouldn't be a bad idea either.