Comment: Your post prooves why Bible Study is so important

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Your post prooves why Bible Study is so important

I appreciate my Bible Study because my teacher has so many wonderful reasources and makes the Bible come alive to the point I want to go to Israel. I want to see, touch, smell, hear, and feel with my soul what my mind tries to understand in scripture.

Peter is known as The Rock.. and my first uneducated thought would be that these children were of those who were being raised to kill Christians.. and the Christians didn't want to actually kill the children, but kill the spirits that were growing within the flesh of the children, to actually kill the Christians, least we forget.. Christians were killed for being Christians when Bible passages were being penned. This link is a nice one because it translates many different Bibles and gives an explaination that is not like mine.. again, mine is uneducated.. I'm just sharing outloud my idea,

You might want to use that link for your other quotes as well.

I applaud you for seeking, and questioning scripture, and pray you find answers, that work for YOU. As for me The CAtechism of the Catholic Church is by far the most profound tome I have ever attempted, and it absolutely changed my world view, for the better.

Peace be with you!