Comment: Troll.

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I asserted no such thing. Again twisting my words and not addressing the issue at hand. What am I saying? Already did in the previous comments. Your comments demonstrate "the arrogant belief that they have the monopoly on RP support, Liberty, and if they are the majority have some unspoken privilege over what beliefs are acceptable."

What faith/beliefs supporters hold is irrelevant to the liberty movement. Alienating people, and causing people to turn away because you think having a majority means anything is just plain corrosive.

Did you take nothing from RP's farewell address to Congress? Tolerance, Love, when everyone has freedom it is popular.

Using Ron Paul to push your agenda without upholding the integral behavior he asked of us is hypocritical and petty.
You are just being a willfully ignorant or an insecure arrogant asshole at this point.