Comment: The New Testament

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The New Testament

Is hardly a mystery, it is self-explanatory. Anyone who would justify killing in the name of this book is not religious in any context of the book.

The Old Testament was written most likely by Mosis, or Moses and is a mish-mash of Hebrew oral history from an Egyptian perspective, dominated by an Egyptian writing style. This is not surprising considering where Mosis spent his formative years and his place of education.

The first law of the Old Testament is 'thou shalt not kill'.

There is no asterix, no 'except when', no 'unless'. It is pretty darn explicit.

The fault of the Bible is in man, many of which interpret in slanted ways to justify whatever their sordid action may be, be it on an individual level or a state level.

It's ironic that our country still uses the Ten Commandments as a foundation of individual law, yet the state considers itself above that law.