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The incoherency between your individual sentences is making my brain hurt. :D

You said:

"Your arguments are lame because you are not fcused and do not understand my arguments. Cutting aid to ALL will BENEFIT Israel."

My opinion on aid is purely philosophical and generalized. Not focused on any specific nation. The US shouldn't be giving aid to any country. It's not fiscally sustainable and it just creates arms buildups and arms races that eventually drag in other third party nations making the whole game even more expensive.

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"Therefore, unless you want aid to muslims and EU to contiue,"

See above...

You said:

" should understand that anti-Semites support Ron Paul's "cutting aid to all" slogan out of false belief that such an action will weaken Israel."

What anti-semites think couldn't be any more completely off my radar and has less than zero effect on the formation of my opinion regarding foreign aid. The most I know about anti-semites is the words "david duke great white brotherhood nation skinheads" that vaguely float around in my head from hearing them referenced sometime way in the past. I remember visiting a white power website for like 2 minutes back in the late 90's. And if I recall correctly most of that 2 minutes was focused on the web page artwork and layout. One time in like 2002 an islamic person in irc chat tried to rant to me about how evil Israel was but I brushed it off and changed the subject to software development. :p

Back in the 80's I perused some racist literature which was enough for me to pick up on its cookie-cutter repetitive nature and declare it imminently boring lacking any intellectual depth worth my time.

The one caveat I entertain with respect to foreign aid is one-time humanitarian aid during emergencies and disasters. Search and rescue logistics, equipment and personnel, food, water, clothes, etc.. I can be all for that. If it is done without favoritism and without regard to race, nationality or political differences.

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