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Thank you

I added it to the OP. That is powerful. Wow. Powerful. The last half of that second video.

Scary. Those guys are our last line of defense. The Sheriffs! We need more outreach from the Oathkeepers. That guy at the end: "I'm close enough to retirement." Ha! As if his retirement would solve this problem. This is America in a nutshell: "Not my problem. Above my paygrade. I'll worry about that later."

Powerful was the guy trying to say that "this wasn't the venue." And the other guy's retort: "This is discussion of the Constitution. It is welcome in every venue, anywhere, anytime, at all times!" What I heard was: "Don't be afraid. Don't be ashamed that you don't know what the Constitution said. It was clear they never thought about these issues. The questions caught them off guard. Don't be that hard on them. We're just at the beginning of spreading the word.

I really see the Oathkeepers mission as gravely important.

- - - - - - To the makers of this video - - - - - -

Thank you. Thank you for recording the brutal and honest unvarnished truth to your fellow citizens.

My my my it is getting cold, late and dark. This is a real reminder.

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