Comment: well my parents and I have our plan

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well my parents and I have our plan

I'm 29, spent some time working as a nurse, got married, had 3 kids and am now in medical school. My wife is a school teacher and we spend about $1,000/month over what she makes. We are borrowing minimal amounts by agreeing to work 5 years in a rural location after school (free tuition) and borrowing ~10K a year from mom/dad interest free (child care is costly when all 3 kids are to young to go to free public school). At the rate we are going my parents will have given me about $90,000 since I graduated high school, mostly to avoid student loans or pay our rent most recently.

My parents somewhat jokingly said, sure we can give y'all about 10,000 every year but if we need the help later y'all will have to help us out...and with all seriousness my wife & I told them we will. We intend to pay them back every dime and as much more as may be needed to keep them safe, health, and thriving for as long as can be. My parents have put a good bit of their savings into me, I respect that and though they are doing pretty well now, if times turn, I fully intend to completely assume all costs they might incur.