Comment: Raw Milk is a frontline

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Raw Milk is a frontline

They're treating them the same way as the Marijuana dispensaries in California: Raid, destroy. "We're bigger than you, so don't fuck with us." Thuggery. Sending the message.

At what point to people really stand up?

I understand that as a nation, we're scared to. We don't want to. You can see it in the eyes of the sheriffs at the end of the second video. Especially the last guy. He was the most honest of them all, but that honesty was brutal. In spite of the fact that he's a sheriff, his whole attitude was, "I never really thought about it, and hope I don't have to before I retire."

For him, it is just a job. Just a paycheck. He never really thought about it this deeply. Always only had a superficial understanding of his job. Now he has to choose. But I guarantee you, we're all going to have to choose at some point or the other. Dylan's scream rings out: "Everybody's screaming, which side are you on?!" That scene takes place, where else, but on Desolation Row.

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