Comment: Michael - We must be strategic in our daily actions

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Michael - We must be strategic in our daily actions

Your comments, Michael Nystrom, are hard to hear for most because we often don't know what we "can do". The reality of fear seems to be more pressing than the value of non-compliance. But on to a strategy...

Restore our neighborhoods before we can restore the republic. Our biggest impact is on the 300 - 3000 people in our precint. Face time beats Facebook every time. But we must not communicate Liberty, necessarily, but communicate process. The voting process...asking questions like "Do you know where to vote" "Can I get you an absentee ballot" "Are you aware of all of the offices that rule over your life" "What level of government seems do you feel has the biggest impact on your daily life"

At the Liberty Empowerment Institute a book is about to launch on exactly how to do all of this...

We also, must address our daily economic activity as well as our "official" retirement accounts. About $30 trillion dollars can transfer from Wall Street to main street in Retirement accounts without going through Washington D.C. if we set-up the infrastructure. Our daily spending or long-term contracts with local producers, like raw milk suppliers, would give them the wherewithall to fight the government in court or at least in the marketplace.

Lastly, we must create a "personal accountability" program for individuals in government and corporations who use the veil of both of these entities to do actions they could not otherwise do. Picture this, TSA agent violates a person's forth Amendment rights by touching their genitals. That agent's name is taken and badge number. His neighborhood, like 2000 home radius around his house, is personally notified of his actions. He's shamed into retirement or leaving the community. If he retires and apologizes he can participate again with another letter showing his apology and retirement from TSA.

These actions are the vigilance talked about by Edmond Burke.

The Founders created The Continental Association as a strategic idea implemented at the local level

By following the strategic plan of The Continental Association trade with England went from 3 million pounds sterling to less than 290,000 pounds sterling in 18 months. Imagine 6 quarters of losses for corporatists as well as a massive exodus out of government programs.

I highly recommend we compile a "daily actions" strategy that can be implemented locally...

Let's talk soon!


Yours in Health and Freedom