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After reading Michael's comment below, and now the post...

... this just sounds plain WEIRD to me.

When the Sandy Hook killings came up in the news, with their oh-so-timely-wise convenience for pushing the gun ban argument, it didn't take me long to start smelling something fishy.

I'm like most of us, or should I say, the vast majority of americans... I still don't know "the truth" - put simply: just what actually happened.


I know, for I can ... just... read... what perverted government power could do, in the past.

Keyword: Goebbels.

I didn't even exclude the possibility that the killings could have been performed by... an agency. We may have seen many more innocents falling, by the past, out of the "operation" of some "agency(ies)" ... like, e.g., 11+ years ago.

Keyword: towers.

And now, what? Some of us question whether there were ANY killings of children at all, and if it was instead a large scale disinfo PSY-OP. What is "wrong" with that? Haven't we seen large scale gov't-operated propaganda operations by the past, in many countries?

"The simpler, the bigger the lie, and the more repetitions of it, they'll eventually buy it..."

So, who, in their sane mind, would NOT prefer to have to denounce a PSY-OP -if there is ANY chance for such theory to be investigated- where NO kids were killed instead of one event, PSY-OP OR NOT, where the kids DID die?

I PRAY no kids were killed and we are only grossly manipulated as we might find later or, maybe, never.

Yet, "some" do not even want ANYONE QUESTIONING ANYTHING?

They want SO HARD the official story be true, and that a crazy went postal and performed the officially reported slaughter?

Mind boggling.

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