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Why is God Laughing?

That is the title of a book by Depak Chopra. It is a novel. (That guy has written over 100 books!) The punchline? Because he gets the joke! Ha ha ha. I love that. We're all stressed out and uptight, and God is laughing because to him it is just a big joke. Maya. The grandest deception of all.

I love the sound of water. I remember it from when I traveled to Thailand, and slept in a hut near the beach. To hear that surf, all night long, lulling you to sleep. Oh, they are beautiful.

I do worry about the health impact of me running this website. It means a practically permanent connection to this online place. And I'm not sure that is healthy. Not something I considered during the campaigns, since I didn't really feel like I had a choice in the matter.

Choice, for me, has been restored. I am prepared to let the Daily Paul go, and give into the laws of fate and chance, and see where I end up. It is the story of my life. I just do that from time to time. The first time was when I dropped out of college to go live in Japan. Again to drop everything in '98 and take a trip around the world; To move to Taiwan on more-or-less a whim in 2003; To move back to Boston in 2005 - a city I'd never visited before; To start the Daily Paul in 2007.

Something about Lou Pinella, after all those great years in Seattle just up and quit. No warning. The shock. And the understanding. He'd just had enough. Time to move on.

And this. And I am grateful for my good friends. I would rather have a few really great ones than many not so great ones. I agree with this.

BTW, re I also noticed I'd been watching a lot of TV and sitting around too much which I think also contributes to more internal noise, from not engaging.

I recently decided to start walking more. 15 minutes to the grocery store; 40 min round trip. 25 minutes to the bank, one hour round trip. I walk, instead of driving. I work up a sweat. And I don't lose that much time, considering I'm killing two birds with one stone.

It has been invigorating. Having given up wheat, I'm losing about 2 pounds a week, I think. I'll take an audit at the end of the month.

But yeah, thank you for sharing, and for reading my post.

He's the man.