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no no no

He's playing super duper secret 4D double spy chess! It has three and a half extra pieces and it's played on a 17 sided board.

Best part is, none of those pesky neocons can possibly figure out this plan, because nobody ever talks about it online or anything!

Sorry, but I think this whole "chess" nonsense is nothing more than a way for people to rationalize Rand's actions. THAT worries me far more than what he actually does, because it shows that people will ALWAYS be willing to let themselves be fooled to make things seem just a tad more comforting.

Rand's either fooling the ruling class or fooling the American people. Say, which group typically does the fooling, and which group is the one that typically gets fooled?

I don't dislike Rand, and I don't think he's an Illuminati Mossad Ziowhatever, but I *do* dislike this whole 'playing with the truth' style. People can justify it however they like, but it'll never sit right with me.

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