Comment: It seems to me, the problem is with California

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It seems to me, the problem is with California

"California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)" is who filed the original complaint.

So it seems what we have going on here is "multi-state" regualtion differences, and perhaps.. my guess, is some dairy/s/orgs in CA, a dairy state, maybe hurting for business themselves, filed the complaint, I would check what counties Morningland was distributing, contact the congressional office.. and in CA that County would have a Grange/Patrons of Husbandry, where they could find allies within CA to help with legal information and other things.

I would also contact Craig McNamara CA DFA

Reading this hearing recently

Seems to me, CA dairy's are struggling.. notice the coalation of corporate and small farms involved.. giving cheese away would piss these folks off.. none of them can afford to do that.. I just get the feeling this whole thing is because the morningland farm had government contracts, debts.. CA is in a hissy.. a complaint was filed and Morningland became the fall guy... this could open a can of worms worse than what it is.. or God willing find some resolve. GOOD LUCK to Mornigland.. even though I consume Clover-Stornetta Dairy products and few imports,besides that, free or not I know the farmers, the cows even.

There are several legal non-profits.. I can't vouch for any of them.. The CA Grange has a lobbiest, and the State CA Grange might be willing to help seeing what Michael Green can find out in the state Capital Sacramento about this issue.. even contract the congressman directly.. or find some attorney here who is hip Raw Milk legislation and what is going on.

It also seems to me that Morningland has finacial problems.. tied into theor state, and they may be a scapegoat, or being used as an example.. if the government figures the family does not have any money to fight back because it's in debt,
CA Grange raw milk legislation

If a customer in CA was to have gotten sick, I doubt the family would have been contacted by the consumer.. also.. the product could have been "spoiled" during transportation.. or when it arrived and how it was stored.

Just seems to me, there are a number of issues that are happening here that led to the seizure. I LOVE Jesus and the Constitution, and appreciate all the talk about that, and prayers on the videos, but they really don't help me understand what the problem is except the cheese is being confiscated and people are just doing their jobs (and getting harrased in a way with the analogy to Mussalini, Stalin, etc.

Please forgive me if my 2c is off the mark on this,, but I really don't have enough information to help more than assume and provide help based on my assumptions.