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the only way I've tried to characterize YOU is as being among the set of Rand Paul supporters. The rest of our discussion has been about the nature and composition of Daily Paul members that are not me and not you. I don't think I ever mentioned or made any claims about your position on Ron. I automatically assume that most Rand supporters were at one time or most likely continue to admire Ron.

With regards to anarchists engaging in political action, I see no internal inconsistency if someone decides "I believe anarchy would be the best form of governance and I will work within the political system to move society towards a more anarchical system".

Demanding that they view all instances of non-anarchy as maximum supreme evil and demanding they eschew gradualism and/or realism under threat of charges of hypocrisy is just an artificial external imposition.

One thing I think that we can hopefully (and ironically) agree upon is that anarchists and minarchists LOVE to argue! :D

In summary, i have not tried to characterize YOU in any way other than you are pro-Rand. I never doubted you respected Ron. My only conscious focus during our exchange has been on the composition, reception, treatment and behavior of anarchists and atheists here on Daily Paul. :)

On a closing note, I burnt my cheese toast.... :\ But luckily I have more bread and cheese. :p

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