Comment: Dear Reince, Everybody

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Dear Reince, Everybody

Dear Reince,

Everybody deserves a second chance. You had a chance to win the election in 2016, but instead the party chose the worst nominee in history to go against the worst president in history.

Throw us a VERY VERY VERY VERY big bone, or the republican party won't make it much longer.

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In all of my classes (of the people who even care), 60% support Obama, 10% Gary Jonson or Jill Stein, and the rest are Ron Paul. I have never met a single student or teacher who voted for Mittens. In my district, I don't have a single republican representing me.... why is that? Oh because people here don't like War Hawk big government RINOS (and they are collectivist morons who assume all republicans are the same). If we are to ever win in the Silicon Valley area again, the image of the party must change. You are the one to do this.

By the way, one man funds 20+ county republican parties in California (I'm sure you know who I am talking about). That is not a sustainable approach.


A college student who lives in the Bay Area and works in the republican party