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It's a point that may well be

It's a point that may well be exemplified by the many down votes.

Votes don't exemplify anything for me, but especially in this post. You'll have to be more specific.

Readers instinctively understand what they may not be able to articulate – though many comments in this thread have done a fine job.

Please do point to one or a few of them, that I may understand better what you are trying to convey. Your ambiguity leaves much to be desired here.

Your focus on the King, whether he's killed or not, misses the point.

Whether he's killed or not? I'm not sure if that's a typo, but I never suggested anything about a King being killed... ?

If a bee hive looses its queen, the hive will make a new one.

Is this nihilism I detect manifesting itself in your argument? You're being cryptic. My post articulates the importance of clarity, particularly in labels.

Yours quite clearly takes another approach entirely; if not in its intent, most certainly in its delivery.