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Comment: Allies in crime

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Allies in crime

When you talk about the “people,” you are talking about those who continue to support acts of terrorism they are brainwashed to believe are “necessary.” How many Americans have condemned Obama’s drone strikes? Last time I looked the more hawkish members of the Likud party are dominating the political discussion in Israel.

Additionally, the veil of lies from a constant disinfo propaganda by corrupt medias allows both countries to push their agendas as perpetrators of state terrorism. There is no accountability nor full disclosure, only cover-ups to the truth. When LBJ covered up what really happened to the USS Liberty, he abandoned his loyalty and responsibility to the American people and the 34 Americans murdered on the USS Liberty. When the Bush administration put Zionists in high profile positions and then allowed them to lead the 9/11 investigation (including Philip Zelikow, exec director of 9/11 commission, Michael Cherthoff head of the Justice Dept), the entire administration allowed people more loyal to Israel and their political agendas (vs. the interests of the USA) to avoid disclosing the truth of those agendas (PNAC) and the 9/11 cover-ups and flawed NIST reports to the American people and nearly 3,000 murdered US citizens. These aren’t just “rotten elements,” ie they are leaders in high influential and powerful positions who determine and set policy. Cherthoff co-wrote the Patriot Act.

I take issue with your stating “those rotten elements do NOT represent or constitute the whole of the matter.” On the contrary the alliance between the two countries is symbiotically self-destructive and unholy to begin with due to the “rotten elements” which make it so. To separate the two as though they were disconnected is a false paradigm and won’t be addressed until you and like-minded wishful thinkers stop trying to minimize the problem.