Comment: There are very sick people in the world

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There are very sick people in the world

It's like the whole world has been turned into a psych ward.
They poison the water, food, and air with medication. They confuse our brain with cartoons.
All the movies that come out usually promote the governments agenda. They censor everything they can and perform unannounced experiments on us.

They spy on us they follow us and sneak into our homes.
We are like lab mice to some of these people.
Quite frankly I don't know what is really going on.
What are we not being told and why did building 7 go down without fires.
Why did the walkie talkies say the building was going to come down.
Why did the bbc news reporter report that building 7 went down when They were video taping it prior on tv live.
Why did Larry Silverstein (I think that's his name) say they made the decision to pull building 7
Why did he make a billion dollars from the insurance payout because all 3 buildings went down.
Remember the movie with the 3 rivers I think it might be a brave new world. Where the government poisoned the drinking water and blamed on terrorist groups and fabricated a war to install an authoritarian Europa.
The government employee started to question the government story and asked a friend of his what he would think if it turned out that it was their wonderful government that was lieing to them?
I think the guy responded like why would the government lie to us.
I am not sure what movie it is but I think it's a brave new world.