Comment: I think alex jones is right on sandy hook

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I think alex jones is right on sandy hook

The fact they keep doing these drills in the schools right before the shooting.
Alex and other seem to think that if you have 100 drills going off every few months all over the country somehow everywhere so often one of the drills goes live with live ammo and all.
It is very easy to just grab a guy off the street and shoot him in the head and leave him when the cops arrive the guys dead cops say it was a suicide story over.
Let's say there is 3 people in a drill 2 of them are bad people 1 the good guy.
Well they would set of the good guy.
Small drills no idea if its real or not.
Like with movies put a real bullet in the gun instead of blanks.
or just tell the solders that its a live drill.
It all happens so fast nobody knows what the heck.
I had dreams when I was a kid about intrusive areal crafts like drones and un solders going door to door doing gun confiscation when I was around 11.