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Comment: Revolutions are spirals, not circles.

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Revolutions are spirals, not circles.

Most think of the earth as revolving around the sun in an eliptical orbit, a "stationary" orbit. The truth is, we are hurtling through space at mind boggling speed, making our path a spiral. So it is with our love r3volution. Each election cycle it feels like "Dear God, here we go in the same circle AGAIN" but truly, if we stop and look around, we have covered a LOT of ground. For me, the "r3volution" has been heavy on the "3volution."
In January of 2007, I called myself a "Libertarian" but paid no attention to politics. I believed we were destroying the planet with global warming and that our government was staffed with inept, but basically decent people. I believed Osama bin Laden was hiding in a cave after masterminding the 9-11 attacks. I believed "preppers" were paranoid. I believed Randy and Vicki Weaver were skin-head neo-Nazi types. I believed Waco was David Koresh's fault. I believed the Jim Jones cult in Guyana drank kool aid in a mass suicide. I just learned the truth on that one a few weeks ago. But as we close out January 2013, I call myself a human, a slave subject to a corrupt political system - because I paid attention to politics. I know that all those other things I believed were lies. It was a brutal spiral in many ways, but transformation always requires an "un-formation" step that often gets messy.
Today... I have glimpsed into possible futures, and understand that what matters is this moment, and doing what I can in this moment to walk toward the future I desire.
I watch Rand, and I hope. I am not sure if it is a good or bad characteristic, but it is a human one I suppose. I want a hero, I want someone to come through and make this easier. But Rand will not build my rocket mass heater, he will not try to feed any of my neighbors, he will not teach anyone how to feed themselves. It is not as if I can jump to a different spiral and not ride the politics go round, we are all in this together at a very basic level. But I just don't know how much more benefit there is to pouring attention to the matter, the agents of "divide and conquer" are well practiced. And such an easy target for division we libertarians are. It is like our defining characteristic, "individuality" is just not that different from "utter division." And yet somehow, we grow in meaningful ways that have the promise of a truly better way.
Agenda 21 is coffee shop talk now. It was a "crazy theory" in 2007. Obama had to produce a birth certificate - not a legit one but at least they had to respond. Orly Taitz is not done with him, either. 9-11 is fairly openly discussed now, even among RP folks it was only talked about in hushed tones. (Until Jesse Ventura took the stage - that was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. THOUSANDS of "truthers" finally out of the closet!) Sandy Hook stinks so badly that average "worker bees" are discussing it. Even this gun grab is really not going down well, "gun nuts" are generally speaking reasonably, rationally and the gun grabbers are left to get hysterical.
It has been an interesting ride, and even when it feels like we have been here before it is still uncharted territory. The DP is the best thing we have had for a "navigation room." Politics may have drawn us together, but once we got here we shared everything on life, liberty, and various pursuits of happiness.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.