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yup....'s always been about character, integrity, trustworthiness, and statesmanship....hasn't it?

It's been that for me!

Our dear Ron Paul did communicate to me through his many speeches etc. that..." of the benefits of living in a free society is....being able to seek[to add]virtue and excellence....and this should be a personal goal(for all of us)...."

Once again, Ron Paul is two steps ahead of the game....calling for patient endurance...almost like it's 1766, not 1776; get it?

Alex Jones would have us storm the Capitol steps in anger, and keep bullhorning at the World Trade Center site or at Bilderbergers....he provokes/expresses anger....right-wing Judeo-Christian lobbyis hypocrites and paid actors on Clear Channel and FoxNews will continue fueling outrage about marriage equality and Christian expression being suppressed in both our society and especially in our military.

We're being primed to explode; and Ron is saying replacing players with men of integrity is still the GOAL over time, and through the momentum we're still building; as our outrage is justified....we can win this....if we don't "lose it"!