Comment: Good luck!

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Good luck!

You heed my warning, though... It was Ron Paul supporters that I helped to win seats that stabbed me in the back in the end. If you are obviously effective, the RINOs will cut deals with the more malleable supporters in a gesture of "unity." The more effective you become, the more a target you make of yourself, too. DO not be paranoid, and yet trust no one, at least not fully. Even yourself, when you are tempted to make a deal because it seems like it is good for "the cause" stop and measure how good it is for you, and carefully weigh your own heart and make sure it is really "the cause" that benefits. The most dreadful trickster in our lives is us.
Also, SQUEAKY CLEAN BOOKS. They will do anything to take back their party, including throwing you in jail for books they cook.
I'm proud of you, granger. You watch out for yourself.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.