Comment: (((((((((((((NONNA))))))))))))))!!!!! :-))

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(((((((((((((NONNA))))))))))))))!!!!! :-))

My DEAREST ((((((((((((NONNA)))))))))))))
It would be an honor if you would share in the congratulations on this thread, because you are a BLESSING, always supportive, even when you don't agree, always kind, even when I make you think "Wha?", ALL WAYS my friend, virtually, spiritually, guilding, sharing, caring, honest, funny, the good, bad and ugly, you have been here for me, like a rock.

THANK YOU for teaching me what a ((((NONNA))))) is, and how important a (((((NONNA))))) is, and how everyone who steps up to get into politics should have a ((((((NONNA))))))), and how very lucky and blessed I am to have YOU as my virtual (((((NONNA))))))).

May God bless you abundantly and constantly ((((((NONNA))))))).