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I'm quite sure had Ron felt he had been wronged by Benton he would have gotten rid of him

If you're going to accuse me of attempting to read Ron's mind, it's probably not that smart to do the exact same thing in your rebuttal.

Judge Nap has about as much of a chance of winning the oval , changing the course of this country and advancing our goals as a ice cubes chance in hell of not melting.

I'd love for you to expand on this. Don't want any competition for your good ol' boy, Rand?

If you were as serious about getting your country back on track as you are feeding your 'feelings' and trying to be right all the time you would be backing somebody that might bear some fruit for us but instead your backing a pipe dream that will surely end with a BIG FAT ZERO

So, because I don't agree with you I'm no longer serious about getting our country back on track?

You can't get more irrational than the dreck you've just written.