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TY (((((((((fishy)))))))))))))

I completely believe you about Ron Paul supporters stabbing you in the back in the end. It's one reason I have a BIG concern about the Liberty Movement. I've read about plenty of back stabbing going on, and it's always a collective up against some hard working dedicated Ron Paul rEVOLutionary.. tearing them from limb to limb, did stop at their state.. it spilled onto DP for evryone to see. Dog pile after dog pile. It's why I'm weary of grassroots, for many times they seem more like astroturf in the name of grassroots.

SQUEAKY CLEAN BOOKS!! That's the best advice on this thread. THANK YOU. And I'm absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who do not appreciate my effort to Restore The Republic will do what the can to defeat me, including putting me in jail, even framing me to put me in jail. For that, besides making every effort to be completely transparent and SQUEAKY CLEAN with my committee's books, I will TRUST IN GOD, that it is his will, because I have NO INTENTION to manipulate or distort anything to my committee. From the git go I was open about my support for Ron Paul. And while the loyalty oath hurt, that I could not vote for Ron Paul and be true to the loyalty oath I took.. I also thought, that if the tables were reversed, I would have hoped and prayed that they too would have upheld the loyalty oath they took, and voted for Ron Paul.

My bottom line (((((((fishy))))))), this is a labor of LOVE. LOVE of country, LOVE of GOD, LOVE of my community, and even LOVE for those on my committee who appear to be friendly.. I actually like them as people. I feel lucky and blessed to have the committee I'm on, and I hope that I serve us all well, and they can join you in the pride you have shared with me.

THANK YOU ((((((fishy!!!))))))) @>-->-------- <3 <3 <3