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I like Palin

Palin stood with us at the National Convention to try and stop the rules changes. I don't get my Palin info from SNL or other haters like MSNBC. The same people in the GOP that hate Ron Paul, hate Palin, she is no establishment, that's hilarious. She has an excellent record of accomplishment in Alaska. Palin pushed Joe Miller in Alaska and backs the new Ron Paul supporter who was elected chair there.

Why the hate for Palin, unlike Rand Paul she wanted a brokered convention, did not want Romney to win, supported a state by state effort to back different candidates to make it a brokered convention, praised Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters, bashed Romney from day 1.

If your husband was shouting against Palin in '08, that's really remarkable because I think I would have been shouting at them for voting for McCain.