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My friend (((((FBI_Exposer Ω™ ))))))))

I'm not one to make deals.

I have a standing difference with some RP supporters as it is. I believe all our meetings should be Roberts Rules of Order, completely transparent.. we should be the government we want. Some think we should make "back room" deals and then simply use the meetings to formalize. I suggested that is merely replacing one corrupt group with another, and that is exactly how I feel about that. Is that what Ron Paul would do? I don't think so. They know it, and now everyone who reads this thread knows it.

I appreciate and agree with you about (((((fishy's))))) advice. I too thought it was SPOT ON!!!! Good of you to back ((((fishy)))) because good people never get enough backing.

(((((((((((((((((FBI_Exposer Ω™ ))))))))))))))

THANK YOU for being my friend and standing with me on DP, thick and thin! GOD BLESS YOU!