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Mendocino is very nice. We think of it as an island, seperate from OR, and CA.. To the West we have the Pacific, to the East we have mountain passes through thick redwood forests, hairpin turns that I've seen many visitors, over the years, pulled over and car sick. To the South, we have more forested mountains, with hairpin turns that hug the steep rocky cliffs.. a strong gust of wind or missing a turn in dense fog promises to send one "over the cliff", and to the North, we have THE LOST COAST, a no man's land.. South OR is way more populated. We have a McDonald's, a Starbucks and one chain grocery,, all for the tourists. Seems everywhere one goes it smells like marijuana. I'm not part of that group.. I'm part of the community of volunteers, and I guess I smell more like chicken shit being I raise chickens, not pot. NorCal.. Yep. Love it or leave it.