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Well, I forgive you.

At least you went through it with her. I had a 15 year old friend with a boyfriend who said "Get rid of it" when she got pregnant. Roe V Wade had just passed, but you still could not find a "provider" on our area. And, having to do this on waitress wages, off to the back alley she went. She was unable to ever get pregnant again.
When I was raped, I was so naive I thought I was probably pregnant. I was actually a pro-life, Sunday School teaching virgin at the time. I knew if I aborted the baby I'd go to hell. I knew if I told my parents they would kick me to the curb. I may have been wrong, but I don't really think so. They were lovely parents in many ways, but a little zealous in other ways. At any rate, at 15 I was sure of it. Adoption was a ridiculous option, I would be homeless and without healthcare and could not imagine how I would survive a pregnancy. Furthermore, I did not want to have a baby come find me 20 years later asking about their daddy. I had a friend commit suicide when I was 14, and I watched her church try to pray her out of purgatory, and I actually decided that might be my best bet. That was the brilliant conclusion of a 15 year old rape victim.... Suicide, and maybe my friends could pray me into heaven. In what I consider a small miracle, "Aunt Flo" stopped by the next day.
Teenagers will have sex. Shaming them into bad decisions is something I have trouble forgiving society for. Those who made decisions based on lies and propaganda are victims. I forgive victims.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.