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Process to become legal

Just like all other immigrants do is to apply from their own country and get in line.

But instead these are the poorest of the poor in their own country who are a drag on our system.

This is not the 1800's when the USA needed immigrants to "build" the country. It's freaking built, the political class wants maids and gardeners for their estates, farmers want cheap labor to pick their crops. The construction industry has been decimated by cheap illegal labor in most places. A place where Americans could actually make a living is almost gone. You can't compete with 10 illegals sharing one dwelling working for peanuts, so you say screw it and latch on to Obama welfare state.

Innovation in farm equipment is making migrant workers a thing of the past, with the exception of a few industries like grape picking, it's becoming less reliant on hand picked people. Even tomatoes and strawberries are undergoing a revolution in farm equipment.

We need bright, innovative immigrants that give to our country, not take and they should become part of the melting pot, not demand that we learn their language and their culture when they chose to come to the US.