Comment: What so may people fail to realize is that

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What so may people fail to realize is that

non-stop war has kept the USA under continous National States of Emergency for at least the past 40 years. I've throughly researched this issue and if you pay attention to executive orders and signing statements, every president signs at least one continuing national emergency extension every single year. Often its more than one and it appears "The war on drugs" and now "The war on terror" are also being used to keep the US operating under a constant state of emergency. The ramifications of this are huge. It litterally means that our constitutional rights have been suspended for decades and that the executive branch is afforded unilateral power. Its how Obama can operate as a dictor and push through obamacare and how he can get away with kill lists. Look it up. This is not conspiracy theory.

Adverse weather and large storms ALSO are used to justify national states of emergency. If you pay attention you will notice that every president delcares a disaster a "national emergency" at the drop of a hat. State governors do the same damn thing!

BTW, I didn't watch the clip above. Just seeing Obomba and Cliton in the still frame caused me to want to poke my eyes out. lol