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I managed a clinic, had over 20 people I supervised. There were certain skills required, and I based their pay upon their ability to perform those skills. For the clinic, the most profitable skill was doing refractions.
Before I hired on, they had a man who was a "refractionist." He was really, really good at it, but he never learned to operate any of the other equipment. He had been there so long that he made as much as some of our new hired doctors. I knew how to run every piece of equipment in the place, could fix most of them, plus manage the staff. When I left, I ALMOST made half what he did. The people above me never saw any reason to bring my pay up to his because I did not have "a family to support." Yes, told to my face that was why. Yet these same doctors and the CEO all thought my pay skill based pay scale was excellent, it wound up being a model for ophthalmology clinics all over the country. Now, I COULD have tried to sue for discrimination in this "right to work state" but I knew how that would turn out and went ahead and kept the best paying job in the state - for a woman with my skills.
The pay gap is real. I do not believe men and women are equal, but women still get paid less for doing the same job way too often. Now, all that said... I would really rather women went back to their kitchens and raised our children. Not because they "belong" there but because they come to realize that no other job is nearly as important, no matter what the pay.

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