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Human milk is closer to skim milk. Cows' milk only makes humans grow into fat cows, through over-consumption! Fat is the part of the diet that is the highest in calories. Yet, high carbohydrate consumption is just as good at making the liver form fats and cholesterol. So far,the nutritionists don't have the right answer. Theoretically, decreasing simple carbohydrates in the diet could decrease the formation of fats and cholesterol(one form of fat) in the liver. That is where the South Beach and Adkins's diet came from.

Highly processed carbohydrates like sugar and white flower, have long been theorized to be part of the dietary problem. As always, moderation is important. I found that fried chicken, and such, did not have enough carbohydrate to actually affect the high protein low carbohydrate diets. But, just like all medical care, it must take into consideration that all of us are different and don't respond to these diets in the same way.