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Comment: The Bible was written by men

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The Bible was written by men

for a people who seek absolute-protection; while living (though they accept that "God's way" is mysterious so the "protection-seeking" is not as strong here) and most importantly against after-death annihilation.

The Bible is a book of "codes of conduct" wrapped in absolutist language (otherwise people would not follow it).

There are certain tenants you MUST believe to "follow" Christ-of-the-Bible and the Book itself: 1) That you have a Soul, 2) That there is a Super-Soul out-of-which all other things (animate and inanimate) came out of, 3) That this Super-Soul judges the thoughts of men (awake and asleep), judges the sexual positions and to whom he/she has sex with, and all other common interactions, 4) That if you do not "believe" in him (whether you've heard of him or not) you go to hell forever and ever, and 5) If you break any of his commandments without apologizing you also go to hell even if you've been saved previously.

God "apparently" destroyed most of the planet -- all peoples and all animals, save for two of each species and a single genetic family group (out of which the rest of us were born *severely flawed logic*) all because there was a majority of people "be acting crazy" (living in sin) -- so he killed 99% of them, to start over.

God is keen on plagues, as a form of punishment; but if you smear blood on your door the plague does not enter -- maybe the plague eats the rotting blood, gets full, and goes hang out by the pool?

Slavery (how to guide) was allowed -- Rape was allowed (in special circumstances) -- Stoning allowed -- Sacrifice of ones off-spring -- Genital Mutilation.

God's love is so great; he killed his own son, to save the rest of us (are we his children?) -- so he killed our brother? Thou shall not kill, less you are the one throwing the party.

I am a bit of a Deist -- I talk to myself and pray to a higher self in times of stress; it works for me. But I refuse to define God in Christian terms -- I find it repulsive.

I do find great joy in meditation, conscious-sleep, and energization exercises -- if "magnetizing" my spine with awareness and the resultant joy that comes IS God then great -- if it is a highway to God, then great. If it's just me "playing" with a more subtle version of self, then great.

I'm cool with dying and the lights go out forever -- I've passed out before (lost consciousness) -- not a big deal.

The thought of living forever at the whimsical pleasure of a cosmic dictator -- not so much a thought of peace, rather a thought of perpetual slavery and misery.

Submitting to my own bliss-nature -- fine!

Submitting to an entity that is not my self -- NOT!!!