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Comment: Gangs and the Drug War

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Gangs and the Drug War

We need to end the Drug War, and that will end the gangs over time (assuming we have other reasonable policies).

The individual rights of citizens and non-citizens are the same, so if you want to have the best chance of protecting them, you might as well protect them for everyone--you'll have more support that way. We saw how that message brought Ron Paul support from all over the world.

If we ended the huge cost of government regulation, Tyson could save money elsewhere and be competitive. Instead, we heap on regulation and the cost of chicken goes up, hurting the poor in this country most.

Austrian economics proves that it is the system of force used by government that causes the ill consequences you describe. It will not solve the problems to blame people for acting in the way that appears to be best to them. That is something you cannot stop from happening.

What do you think?