Comment: The contradictions

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The contradictions

Are supposed to infuriate and distract us. This is all intended to test the water to see how asleep and gullible the masses are, while scaring the scared sheep even more away from those who would look further than the official story. They want violent upheaval/ conflict and are setting every stage they can for it. I channel my anger into energy for projects that will continue to inspire folks to listen to other information. We cannot and don't want to change or control people, this would be bringing us down to their level. If we play their game, who will win?
Our hospitals, schools, dairies, farms, mines, rivers, air roads, airports, books, tv, movies, armies, priests.....minds. Start by changing myself.... then, one by one, learn, use and share, critical thinking to eliminate the sickness of contradictions that plagues this once wonderful country and world. Peace is the only chance we have and is barely legal.